leather goods
handmade in Florence

Our leather goods handmade in Florence are made with great skill and attention to detail, using only the best quality materials and made by our expert craftsmen.

We have also chosen to use only components that have their roots in the tradition of the territory: The sturdy seams made with the particular contrasting thread and the accessories in aged brass are carefully chosen for their quality, but it is the cowhide leather that makes our objects of exclusive and unrepeatable works and not simple leather goods.

cowhide leather

For our handmade leather goods in Florence we only use cowhide leather. This particular type of leather is obtained thanks to the “vegetable tanning” technique.

This tanning is an ancient process, a tradition thanks to which it is possible to obtain a material with inimitable characteristics, made unique by the small imperfections of the leather that distinguish each single piece.

This high quality material is beautiful and durable, yet soft to the touch and with a characteristic bark scent. Cowhide leather is a very versatile leather, both for its characteristics and for the multiple uses that can be made of it.

Cowhide is a vegetable tanned and greased leather. For this type of tanning, only natural elements are used, obtained mainly from the flowers and bark of the trees.

This material has a well recognizable odor, more delicate and less intense than that of other leathers.

Cowhide leather processing machine

Our suppliers are approved by the Consorzio Pelle Conciata al Vegetale in Toscana (Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium in Tuscany), which guarantees that the Vacchetta leather used for our products respects the highest quality standards and is rigorously tanned in Tuscany, following a rigorous disciplinary.

Craftsman makes handmade product

The natural color is a beige that has the peculiarity of darkening with the passage of time and bearing the signs of its history. All items by Re Artù in Firenze are barrel dyed in our characteristic colors.

Being a 100% vegetable tanned product, therefore without the presence of toxic substances, cowhide leather reduces the risk of allergies related to the daily use of a particular object.

This type of material takes on its famous characteristics during the retanning phase, in which animal fat is added to the leather, which identifies the classic Tuscan cowhide, darker and with more character.

Thanks to this type of tanning, our leather goods handmade in Florence have immediately distinguishable characteristics that make them unique pieces, embellished by their own use.

product care and maintenance

To maintain all the qualities of this material, it is necessary to clean it with a soft cloth and use only specific detergents for leather. It is preferable to store the products in a cool and dry place. For bags, we recommend filling them with paper to maintain their shape, leaving the shoulder straps on the outside.

In the event that the product comes into contact with water, dry it as quickly as possible, dabbing it gently with a dry cloth and leaving it in an airy place.

Cowhide leather cannot be cleaned with water, solvents or derivatives, nor can it be dry cleaned or ironed. Leaving it in direct contact with other leathers, plastic bags or nylon could alter its characteristics.

The particular non-uniformity of the leather enhances the uniqueness of each product. The color of the item may vary over time: it is still advisable to protect it from excessive exposure to light sources and to stay in a humid environment.

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